About Mavins

What is MAVINS?

The Maternal and Virtual Infant Nutrition Support clinic (MAVINS) is a thoughtful and caring community for mothers, families and health care practitioners. Our goal is to help make evidence based information available to the community to support and promote the importance of breastmilk as the number one source of infant nutrition.

MAVINS is a virtual environment supported by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), Nurses, Doctors and other health care professionals. You can find articles, featured tips, local resources for support and a community discussion board to engage and ask questions to other mothers and the MAVINS team.

Evidence suggests that mothers who have support and access to evidence based information increase their success with their lactation goals. Our goals are to help families increase breastfeeding success and continued duration of lactation for the healthy development and growth of infants; consistent with the World Health Organization’s goals of continued breastfeeding for two years and beyond.   


MAVINS Discussion Boards

  • Please utilize the discussion board for any questions, comments or breastfeeding inquiries within our MAVINS community.
  • MAVINS encourages sharing and support from those who understand where you are coming from.
  •  Support does NOT always mean agreement.
  •  Sometimes to support a member in the best way we can, we may challenge (in a caring and respectful way) her assumptions and information. Please keep in mind that we may post information that you may already be aware of personally in an effort to bring that information to the attention of the group.


Posting in Discussion

  •  Posts should be respectful, kind, positive, and polite. You are responsible for your own words and personal attacks will not be permitted.
  •  Explaining evidence based practices is not a judgement on you. MAVINS understands that people make individual choices that work for their families and we are here for all mothers. MAVINS is a place for information sharing.
  • Take what you need and leave the rest (or maybe even remember it for another age and stage)
  • You are welcome to post your opinions and thoughts but please understand that others may have a different perspective. Better yet, by sharing your own experiences instead of judgement or advice other mothers are helped even more. This is not a place for debates but good discussions are wonderful.
  • MAVINS takes every effort to protect your identifying information. We encourage you to do the same by not posting personal information such as names. Short forms you may find helpful as DH (darling husband), DS (darling son), DD (darling daughter).
  • Please respect confidentiality of other participants.
  • You can choose how to receive notifications. You can choose to get notifications from your group via email or just catch up when you log-on. You can change notifications at any time.
  • This is not the place to promote any businesses or causes.
  •  Any actions on the forum deemed inappropriate will result in removal from the MAVINS study.
  •  Please keep in mind if there are urgent matters regarding your health or your infant, please request to see your physician or visit your nearest emergency as soon as possible. Use this website as a tool for discussion in breastfeeding and infant nutrition, but please note that it does not take the place of regular scheduled visits with your health care practitioner and any urgent concerns should be addressed with your doctor.

Much thanks,
The MAVINS team

For inquiries, please email us at mavinslc@gmail.com